The handmade bags are made from from lokta bark sustainably harvested from well-managed, wildlife friendly certified forests. They are very sturdy and lightweight-great for gift bags or corporate bags.
They are available in a range of colours, finishes and sizes. In order to view the entire collection and receive pricing information please contact HBTL.

Item #:BG-1
Name:Gift bag
Size:20cmx25cmx8cm, 40 gram
Finish:Nepali Design

Item #: BG-2E
Name: Gift bag
Size: 30cmx24cmx11cm, 40 gram
Finish: Elephant Design

Item #:BG-5
Name:Gift bag
Size:28cmx21cmx9cm, 40 gram

Item #:BG-5C
Name:Gift bag
Size:28cmx21cmx9cm, 40 
Finish:Lion Design

Item #: BG-6
Name: Gift bag
Finish: Nepali Thali

Item #:BG-7A
Description:Gift bag
Size:28cmx21cmx9cm, 40 gram
Finish:Two tone design

Item #: BG-9
Description: Gift bag
Size: 35cmx28cmx7.5cm, 40 gram
Finish: Natural with Bamboo print logo

Item #:BG-12
Description: Gift bag
Size:25cmx22cmx8cm, 50 gram
Finish: Pressed Flowers

Item #: BG-13
Description: Gift bag
Size: 23cmx10cmx7.5cm, 40 gram
Finish: Nepali design