The handmade boxes are made from lokta bark sustainably harvested from well-managed, wildlife friendly certified forests.
They are available in a range of colours, finishes and sizes. In order to view the entire collection and receive pricing information please contact HBTL.

Item #:B-0
Name:Gift box set-three circles
Size:13cmx13cmx7cm, 14.5cmx14.5cmx8.5cm, 16cmx16cmx10cm
Finish:Nature Inspiration

Item #: B-3
Name: Gift box set-four square
Size: 16cmx16cmx10cm, 14cmx14cmx8cm, 12cmx12cmx6cm, 10cmx10cmx4cm
Finish: Natural Solid

Item #:B-6c
Name:CD box
Finish:Pressed Flowers and Leaves

Item #:B-7
Name:Square box
Finish:Floral Design

Item #: B-11
Name: Rectangle box
Size: 17cmx13cmx4cm
Finish: Floral Design

Item #:B-12
Name:Circle box
Finish:Floral Design

Item #: B-1
Name: Square box with clear top
Size: 14cmx14cmx4cm
Finish: Nature Inspiration

Item #: B-13
Name:Gift packing three divider box
Finish: Natural Solid

Item #: B-15
Name: Gift packaging boxes
Size: 13cmx13cmx5cm
Finish: Solid Colours

Item #: B-16
Name: Gift packaging single product
Finish: Natural Solid

Item #: B-18
Name:Gift packing four dividers box with clear top
Finish: Natural Solid

Item #: B-19
Name: Gift packaging-four dividers square box with clear top
Finish: Natural Solid