Dhatelo is a deciduous shrub native to Nepal that can grow up to three meters high at altitude of 1,800 to 3,000 meters in central to western Nepal. Dhatelo botanical name is Prinsepia utilis Royle and is from the Rosaceae family. It produces flowers from February to March and fruits from April to May and usually grows in open areas exposed to sun light on dry hillsides near waters sources.

Availability of the raw material

It is estimated about 15-20% of oil can be extracted from fully ripe dried seeds and based on the amount of Dhatelo found per hectare, 65.625kg of oil can be obtained per hectare.

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Composition of fatty acids: Methyl palmitate, Methyl palmitoleate, Methyl stearate, Methyl oleate, Methyl octadecenoate, Methyl linoleate, Methyl lino- lenate, Methyl arachidate, Methyl cis-11-Eicosanoate, Methyl Béhénate, Methyl Erucate

Composition of unsaponifiable: Phytol, Neryl or géranyl farnésol, Squalène, Crinostérol, Dihy- drobrassicostérol, Stigmastérol, Clionastérol, Fucostérol, Cyclo- arténol, Citrostadiénol and Cyclolaudénol

Local uses of Dhatelo

- Raw fruits can be eaten and are especially enjoyed by children
- Deep purple dye from the fruit can be used as paint
- Seed oil can be used in cooking as a substitute to vegetable oil
- Seed oil can also be used a topical application for treatment of rheumatism, muscular pain, stomach pains, skin infections and relief of coughs and colds
- Seed oil can be used in the hair as hair serum to increase shine and strength
- Seed oil can be used as fuel for oil lamps
- Seed oil residue can be used for washing clothes

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