HBTL's Massage Oils are a blend of the purest organic certified essential oils, and one carrier oil (Dhatelo Oil). Whether used for aromatherapy, medicinal uses, and relaxation or simply for their fragrance, one will surely love using these Himalayan massage oils.

HBTL's Essential Oil Candle line is the only FSC, Organic and Wildlife Friendly one in the world. Aromatherapy, through the use of essential oils, the purest essence of a plant, has been found to provide both psychological and physical benefits.

The massage oils and candles are high quality and pure, and can be purchased in beautiful, handmade paper gift boxes. Please contact HBTL to learn more about the oils and candles available.

Item#: C-O1
Description: Bamboo Candle

Item#: C-O3
Description: Ceramic Pot Candle

Item#: C-O4
Description: Scented candle in square ceramic pot.

Item#: C-O5
Description: Flower candles

Item#: C-O6
Description: Set of three sizes scented candles

Item#: MO-O1
Description: Massage Oil